My name is Themistokle Benetatos and I enjoy programming and creating computer graphics.
I am also the co-founder of Monologue, a motion design studio based in Athens.

Latest blog posts

  • IRC Bot on the ATmega328 (Arduino NANO v3.0)

    Programming AVR is really fun, after experimenting with the Sainsmart 1.8" TFT screen and creating a Flappy Bird Clone I decided to start a project for my ethernet module using an ENC28J60 chip. Being able to communicate with the ATmega328 from another computer through the network was something I wanted to try and this cheap module has a couple libraries..[read more]
  • Flappy Bird Clone on the ATmega328 (Arduino UNO)

    It has been a while now since I bought a small starter kit to tinker with my Arduino UNO and the ATmega328p. Truth is, after making my first amazing blinking led project I somehow forgot about its existence until recently. I ordered tiny TFT screens for a project I have in mind related to monitoring my data plan, since they..[read more]
  • OpenGL 1k Framework with Nasm/GoLink

    For the past 20 years I have been fascinated with the demoscene, it's always truly amazing to see what demomakers can achieve and during the 90s you could say the demoscene was way ahead of its time when talking about what could be done with a home computer. Coders would find a way to run computer intensive programs in realtime, things..[read more]
  • EPSON - The Color Matching Game

    We were approached at Monologue by One Whole Managing Reputation to realise a color matching game for EPSON. The goal of the game was to showcase how accurate their new projectors are displaying colors and during the event the visitors were able to play and try to achieve the best score. The concept was inspired by and the design and game..[read more]