My name is Themistokle Benetatos and I enjoy programming and creating computer graphics.
I am also the co-founder of Monologue, a motion design studio based in Athens.

Latest blog posts

  • SU-CTF Quals 2014 - Reverse Me (200pts) writeup

    The challenge description was: Reverse me and find a valid serial number! We had to download a Windows binary and reverse it to get the proper serial. After opening the file with PEiD I noticed it was packed with ASPack 2.12: Unpacking these with Ollydbg is pretty straight forward and covered by a lot of articles online. You can read this one..[read more]
  • Tiny HTML5 Music Player

    If you like the lightweight music player in the music section and would like to use it yourself you can find it on github: Tiny HTML5 Music Player repository Trying to keep it simple and under 10KB with no dependencies.Tiny HTML5 Music Player is lightweight music player with no dependencies. You just need a modern HTML5 compatible browser such as Chrome,..[read more]
  • CSAW CTF Quals 2014 - csaw2013reversing2.exe (200pts) writeup

    The challenge description was: We got a little lazy so we just tweaked an old one a bit Unfortunately I didn't participated in earlier CSAW CTF so I'm not sure what they meant by that, but looking at the binary file name it was apparently a challenge from CSAW 2013 they modified. Let's download it and see what is going on when we..[read more]
  • CSAW CTF Quals 2014 - why not sftp? (200pts) writeup

    The challenge description was: well seriously, why not? Let's download the pcap file and analyze the traffic to find out where is our flag in Wireshark. I usually start by looking at the conversations and try to find something odd or interesting: In the TCP conversations tab, we can see a lot of bandwidth consumption between A to B. Let's click on Follow..[read more]