My name is Themistokle Benetatos and I enjoy programming and creating computer graphics.
I am also the co-founder of Monologue, a motion design studio based in Athens.

Latest blog posts

  • EPSON - The Color Matching Game

    We were approached at Monologue by One Whole Managing Reputation to realise a color matching game for EPSON. The goal of the game was to showcase how accurate their new projectors are displaying colors and during the event the visitors were able to play and try to achieve the best score. The concept was inspired by and the design and game..[read more]
  • Folklife and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia-Thrace

    I was approached by my talented friends at to create a couple games for the Folklife and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia-Thrace. The games were targetting a young audience and allowed them to discover the carnival traditions of Veria. We had to take care of making the games compatible with modern platforms from desktop computers to tablets. The best solution was..[read more]
  • CTF 2014 - Dalton Corporate Security Safe for Business (200pts) writeup

    The challenge description was: The Dalton Brothers are tricking people into buying their “safe” locks. So they can rob them afterwards. The lock has some safety features, as it resets itself after a few seconds. It also requires a lot of valid inputs before it's letting you open it. Please find out what their weakness is and report back. The..[read more]
  • CTF 2014 - ImageUpload (200pts) writeup

    The challenge description was: In the Wild Wild Web, there are really bad guys. The sheriff doesn't know them all. Therefore, he needs your help. Upload pictures of criminals to this site and help the sheriff to arrest them. You can make this Wild Wild Web much less wild!!! After visiting the web page we see the following: A link to a..[read more]