NES Quest a kcd games point and click adventure


NES Quest - The 8BIT Journey

NES Quest is a 2D adventure game developed by Yolt and Mr. T
using Chris Jones AGS engine and a modified Lec Summ 1.5 template
originaly made by Zor. STORY ----- The hero lent his NES to his cousins, unfortunately for him they brought it back ruined. In a great desperation, he decide to fix it no matter what it takes, and his journey begins. click here to download NES Quest DOWNLOAD NES QUEST v1.2 - ZIP file 10.4 MB SNAPSHOTS ---------
click here to preview click here to preview click here to preview
INSTALLATION ------------ Unzip into a directory on your hdd (ex C:\NESQuest). Default configuration should be working fine on your computer, but if you experience problems or if you want to change to fullscreen mode run SETUP.EXE GAME LANGUAGE ------------- Run SETUP and choose between English (default), French or Spanish. SHORTCUT -------- Game: ESC = OPTIONS F5 = Save Game F7 = Load/Restore Game Player: G = Give P = Pick up U = Use O = Open L = Look at S = Push C = Close T = Talk to Y = Pull W = Walk to Mini-Game: Left Arrow = Left Right Arrow = Right Esc (menu) = Quit VERSION ------- V1.2: -French translation -Spanish translation V1.1 Fix: -wrong quote after an action on certain object -shortcuts while mouse over inventory fixed -warning/error in tech store removed -proper game reset INFOS ----- This game is a freeware. All contents are copyright 2008 KCD Games, this was created using Adventure Game Studio 3.0 by Chris Jones. More information at More information about KCD Games: Contact: NES Quest was brought to you by: LIAPIS "Yolt1" Manolis - 2d Graphics BENETATOS "Mr.T" Themistoklis - Scripting, Music SPANISH TRANSLATION ------------------- yS BETA TESTERS ------------ Twin Moon Crossover Peder Johnsen DualNames Cosmo Queen aka Yoli THANKS ------ Chris Jones The AGS community Twin Moon Thank you for playing NES Quest. 2008 KCD Games