• Tiny 3D Engine on the ATmega328 (Arduino UNO)

    This project was more like a proof of concept than actually making a fully functional 3D engine on the ATmega328, I was curious to see if the AVR could handle something like this and display lowpoly 3D models. After meeting and talking with Xark (https://github.com/XarkLabs) on IRC, I discovered his fork of the Adafruit GFX library and was surprised with how..[read more]
  • IRC Bot on the ATmega328 (Arduino NANO v3.0)

    Programming AVR is really fun, after experimenting with the Sainsmart 1.8" TFT screen and creating a Flappy Bird Clone I decided to start a project for my ethernet module using an ENC28J60 chip. Being able to communicate with the ATmega328 from another computer through the network was something I wanted to try and this cheap module has a couple libraries..[read more]
  • Flappy Bird Clone on the ATmega328 (Arduino UNO)

    It has been a while now since I bought a small starter kit to tinker with my Arduino UNO and the ATmega328p. Truth is, after making my first amazing blinking led project I somehow forgot about its existence until recently. I ordered tiny TFT screens for a project I have in mind related to monitoring my data plan, since they..[read more]