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  • Huawei Modem API and Data Plan Monitor

    Story time For the past five years I have been waiting for Greek telecoms to put a proper landline at my place in order to enjoy the internet like I used to in my previous homes. To be honest, I had this for granted before moving here just because of the fact that I am living 15 minutes from the capital,..[read more]
  • AE Render Manager

      AE Render Manager is an Adobe After Effects™ command-line interface GUI for Windows users.  The reason behind it is that many projects will render faster using command-line rather than firing up After Effects, which uses considerably more resources. Setting up a render through the command line can become an insanely tedious task, especially if you use it on a daily..[read more]
  • NES Quest – The 8Bit Journey

    The hero lent his NES to his cousins, unfortunately for him they brought it back ruined. In a great desperation, he decides to fix it no matter what it takes, and his journey begins. Note: This is a free point and click adventure game I did with my best buddy Manolis “Yolt1″ Liapis, for more info visit the official Nes Quest..[read more]