• Fixing Live HTTP Headers 0.17 Add-on

    Live HTTP Headers is a great little add-on for Firefox allowing user to replay or modify HTTP requests. Unfortunately it seems the replay button has stopped working with recent Firefox versions and I decided to make a temporary fix until the official version is updated. After looking for what could be the cause of the replay button not working I found out that..[read more]
  • Football Ball Maker

    This 3dsMax maxscript creates a classic patched black and white football. Select the desired radius for the ball and simply click on the 'Create Ball' button. The ball will be created on the position [0, 0, 0] in your scene. Warning this is for close up render, so the result mesh is pretty heavy (18.000 poly). Download: (3.5kb maxscript file)[read more]
  • NES Quest – The 8Bit Journey

    The hero lent his NES to his cousins, unfortunately for him they brought it back ruined. In a great desperation, he decides to fix it no matter what it takes, and his journey begins. Note: This is a free point and click adventure game I did with my best buddy Manolis “Yolt1″ Liapis, for more info visit the official Nes Quest..[read more]